Treasure Islands LLC (Sheridan, WY)

Treasure Islands LLC (Sheridan, WY)

+1 (307) 222-9136

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Scaling Overall Performance (Tools & Home Improvement niche)

Nicholas Melnik

Amazon PPC & DSP Expert

Best Seller and Overall Sales increased 18 times during the year

Starting Point: generating around $100k revenue per month in the US
1) The brand’s goal was to increase overall sales

2) Products had a low position in the organic search ranking

3) Advertising was built only on AUTO and BROAD campaigns. We started from scratch
1) We conducted a triage and launched a clean-up effort to identify duplicate or poorly deployed keywords. We generate negative keyword rules based on the insights we had gathered through analyzing account history

2) We find the most profitable keywords and pushed them to the Top of Search advertising placements

3) After 3 months we got a Best Seller badge in the US

4) We also offer to sell these products in Amazon Canada and start aggressive advertising there because listings in Amazon Canada show numbers of Amazon US ratings

Result: Generating around $1.8kk revenue per month in the US and Canada

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