Treasure Islands LLC (Casper, WY)

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Q: How long you work with Advertising?

A: We are working with Amazon Ads and provide marketing recommendations for 3 years.

Q: What is the price?

A: We have different price rules, depending on the product life cycle, budgets and goals. It is a fixed price or % of Ad Sales.

Q: How soon can the initial result be measured?

A: The result will be visible immediately after we receive a sufficient number of clicks to make a decision on the majority of targets, it usually takes about 21 days after starting

Q: How much time is required for the setup of advertising campaigns?

A: Usually, we need 4-7 days for the setup of all the most important advertising campaigns.

Q: How often do you optimize ad campaigns?

A: Every day we monitor the situation for all products and make necessary adjustments to achieve goals

Q: How much attention will be paid to the subtleties and specifics of advertising my products?

A: We always have a person responsible for a particular product / account who will answer all your questions. Nevertheless, a team of specialists works on each product. The group approach provides an opportunity to test new ideas and different theories to achieve the most effective result.