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Our proprietary data visualization keeps KPIs close and uncovers new strategic insights

Our Values

We live by the principle of value exchange, where giving more than we receive is at the heart of every action. Progress over perfection is our mantra, knowing that small wins add up to big victories in the long-run. We believe that consistency and incremental improvements are the key drivers for sustainable growth, and aim to improve by at least 1%, every day.

Our Core focus

We’re not another agency; we’re your all-in-one Amazon marketing partner. As an extension of your brand, we view your success as our success. We focus on bottom line growth over high-level metrics like traffic and ROAS, because we only succeed when you do.

Our Team

Mina started off just like every other Amazon seller, experienced and eager to learn. While working as a chemical engineer in a corporate job, Mina decided to launch his own supplement brand, dedicating all of his spare time to testing different strategies to see what would stick.

Amazon Trusted Partner Certifications & Awards

Our Partner Success team handles all potential issues with your account health, including suppressed listings, stranded inventory, and more

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We’ve structured our Amazon services with one goal in mind: profitable growth for your brand.

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Video Reviews

From ~240k mothly ad sales and 49% ACoS to 500k+ ad sales per month and 37% ACoS

Danica from Pursalt

From 100k with 52% average ACoS to 350k monthly ad sales with 30% ACoS

Alex from Kyolly

The client is satisfied with Scaling Peak service and the results they provide. The team excels at communicating, and they lead a great project management process. The project manager keeps the client updated every week, and they use Telegram and Zoom to communicate

Jane from Gentlehomme

Madison from Madisi

Results we achieve for clients

And they have Profit!

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Client Testimonials

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by Dmytro

Our overall sales have tripled over the previous four months thanks to Scaling Peak. I can recommend this agency to Amazon sellers that wish to grow their businesses. The only downside for me is that they do not want to take control of all the management of my Amazon Seller account and their fees got quite high after we have grown in sales volume. Hope I can discuss and resolve these issues.

year ago
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by Ganusya

Working with Scaling Peak over the past year has been a pleasure for us. Our store started to turn a profit and stop losing money. Nicholas and the team have drastically decreased our ACoS. Our online store has benefited greatly from their team. I am happy with the outcomes and leadership that Nicholas at Scaling Peak gives our team. We are quite happy with the outcomes after two months. We appreciate your help with this tremendously challenging challenge of competing on Amazon.

year ago
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by Hann

I am incredibly pleased with their team. Proactive, responsive, and most importantly, generating top results. Highly advised.

year ago
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5/5 | 125 reviews

Results that speak for themselves

Whatever you need to scale your business, you’ll find it Under the Canopy. All handled with care by our Tribe of ecommerce experts.

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Growth in ad revenue for Real Mushrooms through DSP advertising


More traffic to FitTea Amazon page from organic ranking


Growth in revenue for Tenzo through creative advertising strategy


Growth in ad revenue for Real Mushrooms through DSP advertising


Increase in profits for MMA Nutrition by implementing premium A


New sessions for Labrada’s new pro series from a well planned launch


More traffic to FitTea Amazon page from organic ranking


Growth in revenue for Tenzo through creative advertising strategy

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Our Cases

Health & Personal Care niche

Brand: Bubbly Belle

Starting Point:

Was selling primarily in the US and generating $47k revenue per month


Generating $218k revenue per month in the Us and CA

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Home & Kitchen niche

Brand: Levoit

Starting Point:

Was generating $318k revenue per month with only $37k in profit per month


Generating a $677k revenue per month and 41k in profit per month

View more

Health & Household niche

Brand: Intelligent Labs

Starting Point:

Was selling 114k per month


Selling $239k revenue per month

View more

Beauty & Personal Care niche

Brand: Velona

Starting Point:

Was generating a $951k revenue per month with only 67k total profit per month


Generating a $158k revenue per month in the US and CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long you work with Advertising?

We are working with Amazon Ads and provide marketing recommendations for 3 years.

What is the price?

We have different price rules, depending on the product life cycle, budgets and goals. It is a fixed price or % of Ad Sales.

How soon can the initial result be measured?

The result will be visible immediately after we receive a sufficient number of clicks to make a decision on the majority of targets, it usually takes about 21 days after starting

How much time is required for the setup of advertising campaigns?

Usually, we need 4-7 days for the setup of all the most important advertising campaigns.

How often do you optimize ad campaigns?

Every day we monitor the situation for all products and make necessary adjustments to achieve goals

How much attention will be paid to the subtleties and specifics of advertising my products?

We always have a person responsible for a particular product / account who will answer all your questions. Nevertheless, a team of specialists works on each product. The group approach provides an opportunity to test new ideas and different theories to achieve the most effective result.

As a professional Amazon marketing agency, we understand the importance of hassle-free and quality services to help you grow your e commerce business on Amazon. We are full service Amazon agency, a team of experts in Amazon PPC management, Amazon DSP services, consulting, advertising audit, marketing, listing optimization, keyword research, product launch, Amazon account management. We don't make any perfect claims. However, we do guarantee that you will receive our full concentration, attention and motivation.

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