Treasure Islands LLC (Casper, WY)

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Ivan Dyadyura (Teeck)

I would like to thank the entire Scaling Peak team for their work. We entered a difficult period after almost 3 months of ban and could not regain our former positions in the niche. But with Scaling Peak we did it and more! After returning the positions, we managed to lower the ACoS and maximize the profit! I would like to note the individual approach for my case.



Ann (NDA)

After half a year of working with Scaling Peak, my ad sales have grown nearly 3 times, and ACoS has remained at the same level. I can say with confidence that my business is in the hands of professionals. My product firmly established itself as the #1 bestseller within 4 months of our cooperation. I would like to note the width of the semantic core and the maximum control over advertising. That's great!



Jack Murray

I have been trading on Amazon for 3 years, first found Scaling Peak a year ago but preferred other agency. I changed contractors for half a year, then I remembered Scaling Peak and decided to try them. Immediately I liked their efficiency and approach, they quickly set up advertising and we noticed a large increase in sales. I don't know how it works, but it took a month and a half after the growth of advertising sales to grow in organic. The guys explained that this is connected and offered to spend more on advertising, sacrificing profit on advertising, this will improve the organic positions (and sales), and there is a possibility to become a bestseller. I think i will try with this guys.