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Top 8 Tips on How to Get Reviews on Amazon in 2022

Nicholas Melnik

Business Developer at Scaling Peak

Customer reviews are becoming more and more critical.

It is a virtual goldmine for businesses to learn from, grow on, and attract new clients with over a million unique reviews posted every day.

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial for businesses because it enables them to get important data and insights that could influence how they develop. Additionally, it enables businesses to discover their strong points and modify their plans in light of their achievements and mistakes in order to achieve their stated goals. Without this feedback, it would be more difficult for businesses to determine what needs improvement.
Customer reviews are becoming more and more critical.
It is a virtual goldmine for businesses to learn from, grow on, and attract new clients with over a million unique reviews posted every day. That is because online retailing giants like Amazon now have greater influence over purchase decision than ever before.

How Does Amazon Calculate Product Rating?

Amazon has discovered a new approach to weed out subpar competitors as retailers from all over the world compete to sell new products: by examining previous customer reviews, news articles, and even other Amazon searches to evaluate what product is worthy of your time and effort. On its website, Amazon keeps a star rating system for each product. You should understand how this algorithm functions in order to obtain Amazon reviews and make them operate in your favor.
The complicated algorithm used by Amazon to determine an item’s average rating takes into account numerous variables.

While Amazon withholds the components of its algorithm or the variables it employs, the following factors are believed to be included in this algorithm:
1. Review age and length;
2. Reviewer profile (number of reviews, the average rating of reviews left, etc.);
3. Number of valuable votes;
4. Verified or non-verified;
5. Rating against written response;
6. Deviation from the average score.

What Sales to Review Ratio Is Good?

The major performance metric for sellers are review percentages, so they work hard to gain positive Amazon reviews in the hopes that it would increase their conversion rates. Unsurprisingly, businesses with high review rates are frequently seen as having the highest conversion rates.

In most cases, only one to two percent of customers leave reviews. This means that you may expect to receive at least one or two reviews for every 100 purchases.
Keeping track of consumer opinions, ratings, and reviews is mainly recommended practice. Customers will return if you read the reviews carefully. If you ignore your customer reviews, the customer will move on to a more responsive competitor. Negative reviews may potentially outweigh your favorable ones.

Review Removal

You can permanently delete any Amazon reviews that could harm your company, especially if they contain offensive language (swear words, racist remarks, etc.) or URLs. Amazon is also eager to delete reviews that are totally accurate regarding the performance of Amazon FBA products. If you submit a removal request of this nature, make sure you open the request in Seller Central, include a link to a review, and provide a justification for your request. Even though Amazon detests erasing reviews, it’s worthwhile to try despite the low success rate.

How to Get Reviews on Amazon?
Send emails

If you use email to request reviews from Amazon customers, you may receive positive feedbacks. Customers can also be invited via email to participate in a survey where you can learn what they enjoyed most about the product. Then you can request that they leave a review on Amazon.

Have a list of customers’ email addresses

A fantastic strategy to gain early traction for your store is to compile a list of the email addresses of your customers. Of course, it would be beneficial if you later used it to get reviews. Just be aware that sending many emails to a customer can annoy them to the point where they block you. Avoid sending too many emails, then!

Follow Up in Email

How can you follow up with someone so that they are pleased with your product? Be polite to your email subscribers first. Email a follow-up. The optimum moment to contact a customer is after they have visited your website.

Send a Personalized Request for Feedback by Email

We all occasionally receive requests for input. It is a great approach to gain Amazon reviews and there is nothing wrong with it. So don’t be afraid to request reviews. Make emails personal to be as courteous as you can; address a customer by name and make it apparent that you are aware of when and what they purchased from you.

Request Comments in Your Newsletter

Email newsletters are a fantastic method to keep your audience interested and informed of the most recent developments in your sector. However, you can also include a review request within it and kindly request comments. You’ll gain a new perspective on the goods you sell and your marketing plan as a result. It’s also quick and simple!

Use Amazon

Successful Amazon sellers strive to get more reviews and seek out dedicated customers that can write reviews. Here are some methods for obtaining Amazon reviews.

The “Request a Review” button

It doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ve managed to get your fair share of reviews just because your product is flying off the shelves. Therefore, one advice for Amazon sellers is to use the “Request a Review” button on the order details page.

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine Program is a service that helps new and independent authors and publishers offer their products as paid-for reviews that are made possible by genuine reader feedback.
Customers can share their opinions regarding their product experiences through the Vine program. Even the Amazon website has a section dedicated to customer reviews.

Contact critical reviewers through Amazon

Amazon reviews are used by many companies to boost sales, knowledge, and recognition. A corporation can reach a wide audience if their product or service has a lot of good evaluations. The best approach to get in touch with reviewers is through Amazon, where you can easily find them. Want to get in touch with an Amazon reviewer? Browse through the reviews for the brand you wish to contact on Amazon’s review page by scrolling down.

Follow Up on Amazon

It can be tempting to ask for customer feedback on your first Amazon ad, but research has shown that people respond better to follow-up emails and messages. Follow up with, “Hello, how did you find the product?” If the client is satisfied with the product, you should, without a doubt, ask to leave a review.

Provide Excellent eCommerce Customer Service

For eCommerce sales, there can never be too many positive reviews. However, how can you increase your Amazon reviews? eCommerce is expanding quickly, in part due to the convenience of click-and-collect, the rise of customer centricity, and the popularity of social purchasing. However, there is one element that many e-commerce companies overlook: offering top-notch customer service.

Sell a Great Product

How can I leave positive reviews on Amazon? Simple: market a high-quality product. If you create and sell an excellent product, you can receive favorable reviews. The issue is that many businesses that prioritize marketing and sales frequently overlook the caliber of their products, disappointing consumers before any significant sales are made. However, if you offer a quality product, news will go out, increasing your customer satisfaction, positive reviews, and sales.

Create an Excellent Packaging

A product’s packaging is a crucial component of its marketing strategy. It works on a rather simple principle: the more effective and eye-catching it is, the more attention it attracts. As a result, it may aid in raising awareness, endearing consumers to the product, and boosting Amazon evaluations. Don’t forget that effective packaging for a product must go beyond the product itself and communicate information about the product and company. Every element of your product, including the packaging, should be in line with your values and objectives if you want to build a great brand.

Build Relationships With Your Customers

The relationship between a business and its devoted customers is the center of a content marketing effort. A content marketing campaign cannot give the organization the desired ROI if there is no link.

Use Social Media to Get Customer Feedback

Social media insights can help you understand what customers want, how they feel about your products, and how they interact with your brand, allowing you to create products ahead of your competitors.

Use Social Media to Get Customer Feedback

Social media insights can help you understand what customers want, how they feel about your products, and how they interact with your brand, allowing you to create products ahead of your competitors.

Use ManyChat to communicate with clients

With the use of a platform like ManyChat, you may employ a number of strategies to make the most of your prior consumers, despite the fact that it could seem daunting. Start by using ManyChat as a productive way to get in touch with your previous (and future) clients. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should do so and benefit from the option to use messages rather than other channels like email, phone calls, social media, and more to save time. You are now aware of other strategies for requesting consumer reviews on Amazon.

Request testimonials from clients who left favorable seller feedback.

It’s beneficial to get in touch with customers who have provided positive feedback and request that they review your products. Sellers should focus on interacting with and encouraging consumers who have left feedback because they are more inclined to leave product reviews.

Gifts and Promotions Can Get You Good Reviews

One of the most effective types of social media is effective word-of-mouth advertising.

Use Third-Party Automated Email Responders

Success in email marketing is difficult. It might be challenging to forecast the priorities and behaviors of each subscriber. Using an email response management approach can minimize these issues. Third-party automated email responders should be incorporated into your email marketing strategy if you wish to regain control of your email database.

Reviews on Amazon: Dos and Don’ts

To help you avoid the problems while managing your reviews, we’ve gathered some additional advice.

Be sure to DO the following:

Work for customer satisfaction: Your product reviews, that are a clear sign of how happy your customers are, are the key to promoting excellent customer experiences. A satisfied customer is more likely to recommend your product in a positive review.
Ensure consistency: Consistency is the key to earning reviews. You shouldn’t anticipate a response every time you request a review. But if you were persistent in requesting them, you’d finally succeed a few times and obtain the advantages you desire.
Be thorough when describing products; many negative reviews or unhappy customers occur when a product falls short of their expectations. So, while discussing the features of your product, be precise.
Respond quickly to unfavorable reviews: Negative reviews usually point to a product that does not perform as promised or does not live up to expectations. Always pay attention to what your consumers have to say, and fix any issues they raise frequently.

Here are some things to avoid while handling your reviews:

Some firms make the claim that they can provide you positive reviews. In fact, purchasing reviews is exactly what you should avoid doing. In time, Amazon will erase all reviews, including those provided by customers, after realizing that people are being paid to leave false ratings.
Review incentives: this is another risky road you should avoid taking. Some companies use this strategy to attempt and raise their review ratings, offering Amazon giveaways and incentives for reviews. Amazon will react strongly to this tactic and may issue a warning or take disciplinary action.
Request updated reviews from customers: You cannot ask someone to change a review, according to recent changes to Amazon’s terms of service. It would be beneficial if you attempted to make things right with those who posted unfavorable evaluations; you may do this by contacting them.
Request reviews from your family and friends: Reviews written by members of your family, your friends, or anybody else related to you on Amazon tend to be amplified. It is advisable to not take the chance in order to prevent being banned.

Advice on How to Send Better Feedback Requests

Timing is everything, so attempt to modify your plan to account for different time zones, vacations, and other occasions when you know your target audience might or might not be available. Prior to asking for a review, you want your customers to have the opportunity to use the product.
Ensure that you communicate with your base of customers, who only had the finest possible customer experience, while keeping your target audience in mind. Make sure to offer the best goods on schedule and with excellent customer service.
Avoid requesting reviews for delicate things because they are more likely to arrive broken or not functional at all, giving them a lower overall review. Analyze the goods that your consumers have previously given favorable ratings to determine whether you can anticipate similar behavior from them.
Surpass client expectations by going above and beyond when requesting feedback. For example, include links to video lessons so that customers may learn how to use your product to its fullest.
Addressing customer complaints is more important than apologizing; you need to understand why you received the negative feedback in the first place. Customize your customers’ feedback preferences so you can meet their specific requirements and provide them extra advantages.

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