Treasure Islands LLC (Sheridan, WY)

Treasure Islands LLC (Sheridan, WY)

+1 (307) 222-9136

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Scaling Sales (Home & Kitchen niche)

Nicholas Melnik

Amazon PPC & DSP Expert

6 times more sales after 3 months

Starting Point: $27k revenue per month
1) The brand’s goal was to reach sales growth while maintaining its existing ACoS (target ACoS was 35%)

2) Unfortunately, like many other sellers in the market, they were using only one tool for keyword research, and the number of keywords was limited. Also, they didn’t know how to manage them correctly

3) Low pressure on competitors and lack of advertising defense with similar products on the product page
1) We used three popular software plus our unique solution to find all possible keywords and to identify the most relevant keywords associated with the company’s products. Addressing the keyword research, we have made specific optimizations to the product detail pages

2) Once we made the necessary changes to retail readiness, we started running Advertising sponsored campaign ads. Improving the efficiency of bid adjustments and utilizing the search query and campaign performance reports, we performed manual optimization regularly

3) We gathered all possible competitors from the main and similar niches and aggressive advertising on their listings which gave us a lot of profitable traffic after optimization. Also, we have created a defense for main listings using other similar products from this brand.

Generating a $158k revenue per month

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