Treasure Islands LLC (Casper, WY)

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Case Studies

Scaling Overall Performance (Tools & Home Improvement niche)

Starting Point: generating around $100k revenue per month in the US

  1. 1

    The brand’s goal was to increase overall sales

  2. 2

    Products had a low position in the organic search ranking

  3. 3

    Advertising was built only on AUTO and BROAD campaigns. We started from scratch

  1. 1

    We conducted a triage and launched a clean-up effort to identify duplicate or poorly deployed keywords. We generate negative keyword rules based on the insights we had gathered through analyzing account history

  2. 2

    2) We find the most profitable keywords and pushed them to the Top of Search advertising placements

  3. 3

    After 3 months we got a Best Seller badge in the US

  4. 4

    We also offer to sell these products in Amazon Canada and start aggressive advertising there because listings in Amazon Canada show numbers of Amazon US ratings

Result: Generating around $1.8kk revenue per month in the US and Canada

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