Treasure Islands LLC (Casper, WY)

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Case Studies

Scaling Profit (Pet niche)

Starting point: enerating around $900k revenue per month with only 110k total profit per month

  1. 1

    The brand’s goal was to increase profits (target ACoS was 40%)

  2. 2

    The main mistake was that the old campaigns used the outdated standard BROAD-PHRASE-EXACT set up without proper control, with a lot of unprofitable keywords and duplicates in search terms among different match types

  3. 3

    The Ad placement for the main keywords was incorrect, resulting in wasted money

What we did to get results:

  1. 1

    We have created new campaigns with our structure, which helps to control every keyword and eliminates duplicates in search terms. We have disabled low performing keywords that were only wasting money because of low Conversion Rate and high ACoS

  2. 2

    We redirected the budget from underperforming campaigns and increase bids on top performers as needed

  3. 3

    We found the best Ad placements for every main keyword so far

  4. 4

    Successful Sponsored Products campaigns pushed us to experiment with Sponsored Brands. Sponsored Brands campaigns are a great way to help get customer attention, attract new-to-brand customers, and communicate the brand story. Implementing modified A/B testing practices to the campaigns helped boost ad performance and identify new search terms

  5. 5

    The brand's budget enabled it to act aggressively, so the product started to absorb the market quickly. It took 3 weeks to get better results and increase profit

Result: Generating a $1.3kk revenue per month and 278k total profit per month

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